Iliana Smilyanova
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King of Pentacles

Today you have the opportunity to realize your intentions and projects. You can also reach and see a result due to revelation of your own abilities such as practicality, thorough and enveloped sight of the current situation, orderliness, persistence and stability; the usage of useful connections and acquaintances, of practical knowledge you possess. Such a role could play a man with similar thinking, with big influence in the area you need with length of service and experience, as well as generous to give advice and concrete support. Such a man is sturdy and constant, you can rely on him but in some cases he may be too cautious and slow, too much pragmatic.

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Iliana Smilyanova

This book offers the reader the opportunity with the help of Tarot to seek, to find and to use internal, supreme points of support, illuminated points of orientation in one's life journey. The aim is not the mechanical or selfish prediction of the future, but a healing journey into oneself, where we choose to be an active participant in one’s own life and to serve higher and virtuous aims.