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Tarot Card of the Day

Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life. Mark Twain

Drawing a Tarot card of the day gives us a reliable way to gain key information about the main principle, which will be active during the day. What's more, it gives us an opportunity to become familiar with each individual card, to understand its meaning and to decode its symbols. After drawing a daily card (preferably in the morning), all the events, people, encounters and each element of this day will bring back to us a specific message about the principle embodied in the card.

The message or the lesson of the card is sometimes clear, explicit and unambiguous. But sometimes it's difficult to recognize and makes its way towards us indirectly: through a TV movie, a book that we read or notice in the hands of another person; a song we are humming or an overheard conversation.

One of the main purposes of such an intense attention is to keep us awake for all the events that unfold around and inside us, to deepen our awareness about what happens to us, to help us be conscious participants, not inert figures on the chessboard of our everyday life. All this gives us the opportunity to get ready for the chances and difficulties that will knock on our door during this day – to be able to recognize them and make full advantage of them. The card shows us the active trend of the day and our options to use it or avoid it, to experience it in a harmonious or disharmonious way.

It is preferable to write down the name of the card and our daily observations in order to be able to return to it later and think it over from the distance of time, to see it in a new perspective.

The message of the card may appear confusing and contradictory because of the duality of the way that the given principle manifests itself – active or passive, masculine or feminine, positive or negative. The day is the product of our personal choice between two main possibilities, of our actions and reactions, of our behavior and attitude towards all that happens to us and all that we ourselves create.

Iliana Smilyanova

This book offers the reader the opportunity with the help of Tarot to seek, to find and to use internal, supreme points of support, illuminated points of orientation in one's life journey. The aim is not the mechanical or selfish prediction of the future, but a healing journey into oneself, where we choose to be an active participant in one’s own life and to serve higher and virtuous aims.