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Birth Day Tarot Card

Time possesses not only a quantitative dimension, but also a qualitative one – it draws towards us people and events, which are synchronous and corresponding to the time quality. In tarot the quality of time (separated into periods of ten days during the calendar year) is “hidden” behind the meaning of cards of the Minor Arcana, which illustrate every period and the tasks, difficulties and chances that each day of the calendar year presents to us.

By entering in the field below a birth date (day and month) of a person (or the date of an event), we can learn more about the innate characteristics, birth quality and inherent gifts and challenges of this person or event.

This method may also be used to check the quality of a given time period in order to synchronize our inner tuning with it.

Iliana Smilyanova

This book offers the reader the opportunity with the help of Tarot to seek, to find and to use internal, supreme points of support, illuminated points of orientation in one's life journey. The aim is not the mechanical or selfish prediction of the future, but a healing journey into oneself, where we choose to be an active participant in one’s own life and to serve higher and virtuous aims.