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Tail-wind, Dead-wind

When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind. Seneca

Before you draw the cards, formulate your question clearly.

Example: How can I help myself in a certain situation? How do I impede myself in a given situation? What are the pros and cons? How will I pass this test? What can I expect during my journey? Why is this happening to me?

In our bipolar world each situation has its weak and strong sides – there are factors that help us and others that hinder us. Only by getting to know both, we can use the full potential of the situation, solve the respective problem and let it go, cast light upon our internal and external “landscape”. In the spread “Tail wind and dead wind” the first card shows what helps us, cooperates with us, and the second what hinders us, what are the difficulties we can collide with – i.e. the tail wind and dead wind of our initiative. Sometimes the two cards designate seemingly contradicting or opposing tendencies, but actually, taken together, they give the key for solving the problem. After you draw out the cards, concentrate and be patient and careful in order to combine both tendencies and integrate them in a complete and useful advice.

Iliana Smilyanova

This book offers the reader the opportunity with the help of Tarot to seek, to find and to use internal, supreme points of support, illuminated points of orientation in one's life journey. The aim is not the mechanical or selfish prediction of the future, but a healing journey into oneself, where we choose to be an active participant in one’s own life and to serve higher and virtuous aims.